1024 Manic Miner "Tiles"



How to play
Please use arrow keys to slide the tiles.  When two tiles the same merge, they form a new tile.  Can you reach Willy and 10K bonus points?

The Tiles
Toy Penguin Flamingo Seal Toilet Hoppy Bear Telephone Cthulhu Willy

Original Graphics  -  Matt Smith
"The Voice of the Tiles"  -  Alex Botten
(All You Need To Know)
Music  -  Edvard Grieg
Alt-Music  -  Rob Hubbard
(Project Hubbard)
This version  -  Bob McFarlane
Previous versions
Stefan Hayden
Gabriele Cirulli
1024 by Veewo Studio
Threes by Asher Vollmer
Special thanks to
Central Cavern